Rob Wilder

Co-founder & CEO

Since baking and selling quiches door-to-door as a teen, Rob has made food his business. In 1993, Rob and José Andrés co-founded ThinkFoodGroup, which Restaurant Business Magazine recently dubbed “most innovative multi-concept company in America,” developing over 30 restaurants worldwide including Minibar, Jaleo and The Bazaar.

Rob founded and led Austin Grills until its successful sale in 2006, and since stepping down as CEO of TFG has played angel investor to foodtech innovators and inspired others through speaking at TEDx, SXSW and Yale Sustainable Food Program. In his spare time he’s involved in YPO/WPO, the DC Downtown Council and Shakespeare Theater.

Rob has been playing the WineGame for 20 years in kitchens across the globe. His wine education has been similarly international, systematically pursuing wine knowledge no matter the vehicle, perhaps the most memorable being a dusty old pickup driven by Alvaro Palacios.